Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer in The Meadows? There are two openings on the Landscape Committee. Please contact Carol Keyser at if you are interested. 

Brighton Village Meeting

Wednesday, February 8th  6:30pm
The Meadows House
If you are unable to attend in person, dial-in # is 701.802.5270 Access Code: 2499858#

Update: Hotwire Voice Command on Your Remote

The issue with the voice feature on Hotwire’s Remote has been resolved. Since re-pairing the voice remote cannot be done remotely, please use the following steps to correct:
  • To reactivate the voice feature, on your television, use the left arrow to activate the community section.
  • Then choose Menu > Help > Voice control – voice remote and click on re-activate.

See below for an instructional video.